2017 Resident Survey

Thank you for your interest in our project! In the early years of our research, back in 2013-14, we used survey data to learn where residents in western Maryland were (or were not) experiencing gnats / black flies and how the flies were impacting their lives. This was an immense help to our research, as it aided us in determining where to sample for the flies ourselves, and in what regions we should begin looking for the larvae.

Years later, as our project grew and our research questions multiplied, we realized it was time for a new short survey. As residents or visitors to Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia, we would love to hear from you about your experiences with gnats / black flies. Your replies will help us determine how the fly populations and their impacts vary across communities in a multi-state region. If you took one of our former surveys, we would love to hear from you again, as the questions are different this year.